Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Boring Set Up

Yay! We are good to go! Well, except for the embroidery thread. I have all the silks, but I need some floss.

I have my frame set, the stand ready.


My cute little caddy. It works perfectly, otherwise I tend to loose my threads. And my clamps. You need clamps for embroidery, don't you? Well, I do. The magazine has the directions for the funkier flowers, which I'll change completely. These flowers will not be realistic. They are Colleen-Flowers! I have pretty colors for them. There is a variegated magenta and pinky lavender and purple. I have solids in lavender, blues, and corals. Then there are some plain and some variegated greens. They all look lovely on the pale blue silk!


Here you can see how I hold the little tote-caddy to the frame.


And the slate frame is clamped to the big stand. You can see the clamp in the back.

Boring, huh? This step of setting up embroidery always takes me forever...and it's very very boring. But, well, you can't do the embroidery without setting it I figure I might as well do it all tonight, because I can't start until I get that thread, and today all the needlework stores are closed. I'd planned to go the floss stitching after I did the silk ribbon, but finally decided I needed to swap the order. So I can't wait to choose colors until I stitch, gotta do it on my way home from meeting the surgeon who will, I hope, get rid of my torn meniscus (oh, my knee HURTS! Complain, fret, whine and groan), I will stop at a needlework store, and then be ready to go.

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