Sunday, January 31, 2010

Heart baby slippers

I needed something quick, easy, colorful, and fun, that I could finish really, despite not having anyone I can think of with a newborn, I made these, anyway, from The SockPixie


They start with a modified heart, from Elizabeth Zimmermann. I made the heart hat years ago, and I liked I dug out some yarn, leftovers from Jesse's Steggie (he doesn't seem to wear it much, it's adorable, though...Steggie, from, and added in the Fruit Loops colored yarn I couldn't resist when I bought Jessie's yarn, it's all Encore washable acrylic/nylon worsted...there is enough for a tiny sweater or two, so I'll make something to go with the booties...maybe a Feb baby sweater...

The pattern just has the booties, no closure. Since I know just how long they'll stay on baby feet, I added double strand finger looped cord, the way Jeannette, the Waldorf handwork teacher, taught us. I sewed the center back of the cord in place, so they can't get lost or tangled.

They really came out cute!