Saturday, May 31, 2008

The quilt was well recieved by Mr. D, the band director. I quilted it with a pattern of "MrD" all over it, but it wouldn't show up in the photos.


The Pops Concert was fun....but it was Beth's last concert in high school! We'll hear "That Song" over and over again next weekend at graduation, but _she_ won't be playing!

Let's hear it: My Reindeer is purple, your reindeer is green are the proper words. None of this flying upside down reindeer. Everyone knows that reindeer don't fly upside down!!!!

I've decided that it's time that the girls stop this teen nonsense (it's been fun, but enough is enough) and go back to being their REAL ages....7 and 9. _My_ little girls are in elementary school...that is normal. This high school (and graduation? no, more nonsense) stuff is crazy. Normal for my family is elementary. Let's go back to normal, please.

Friday, May 30, 2008


The teacher quilt is layered!

I usually HATE layering quilts....I have two upstairs all done....wait....I think here is a third, but it might need a border...but I hate layering them, so they wait...but as I was starting, Abe came in, and asked if I could use his help. Turns out that the answer is yes, and that it means doing a thorough, pretty easy 20 minute job of what used to take me an hour or more, hurt my back, and cause much frustration and swearing!

We laid out the top on the table, smoothed the batting, fussed to get it right, peeled, sprayed the sticky stuff, smoothed it out, shifted, finished it all...then did the backing, and it's done! Piece of cake. He's hired.

This quilt was a whim, because I saw the music fabric, and got a bunch of fat quarters to go with it, with no plan in mind, except to give it to Mr. D. Now I need to decide on the thread, and I can start quilting. It needs to be done tonight.

close quilt

As long as I was taking pictures, here is the dishcloth I started at the chorus concert last night. Yes, mistakes. I don't care, it IS just a dishrag, and I refuse to tink back more than one row for a dishrag.


My niece's sweater is swimming along. She's gonna love's SOOOOO soft.

close sleeve

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Much happier!

As you can see, Beth is much happier, now. So am I! Now the dress just needs finishing....zipper, straps stitched in back, hemming and more ironing. No more thinking, no more altering. AND I was planning on doing that this weekend, anyway! So I'm done with it for now.



Monday, May 26, 2008


I am avoiding cutting out the fabric for the REAL bodice of Beth's gown.

Yesterday I went to the second day of the Immersion Farming Weekend at Hartwell Tavern. It was a fairly low key day for me. I started working on some tiny mittens, that I'm just making from a generic, in my head, mitten pattern.

I think that the needles are 4-0, steel needles. The yarn is Icelandic lace weight from SchoolHouse Press, left over from my nephew's tallit. I was going to work on Sue's mitts, but the yarn had disappeared....turned out it was in the zippered blanket bag that has the stuff I got from the NH Sheep and Wool festival in it. In plain sight on the couch. SIGH. Found it as soon as I got home and sat down. But that is ok...these mittens are good take along knitting, and fairly quick so I can _finish_ something. If 12.5 sts per inch is something one can consider quick and easy!

close up mitten

Lunch, made by Carrie, was WONDERFUL. She made a green pea soup (fresh, not split) with a variety of green things in it, and described boiling the peas until they were dead, and straining it, and that part looking gross, but made a wonderful stock for the rest of the veggies. And it was fine for my diet!



Ok...I guess I have to go sew, now.....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beaks and Gowns

Typical morning getting the kids ready for an 18th C gig:

Harry! If you want to eat that cookie, sit at the kitchen table....NO making beaks out of fortune cookies!

Did you know that if you put the fortune cookie in your mouth, points sticking out, and wave your arms, that you were then a bird? Me neither....

Ok, Here are the last versions of The Gown. I think I need to cut in the underarm a tad, that looks like I need to in the photos, although it didn’t in person. I’m going to adjust the gathers slightly differently, and angle the shoulder straps a little (they are pinned). Other than that, the last paper pattern I made is what I used in this I’m good to go!

last night

With Sharon's advice, I changed the pattern, and FINALLY we can see that this one (with some tweaking) will work!!!!!


These are her shoes...favorite pink shoes form the Junior Prom...she loves them and is wearing them again.

LAST gown

She likes the gown pattern (but not this fabric). She's too tired to look happy.

Next up.....TEAL fabric!!!!! I get to do the real thing, finally!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What was I THINKING?

I'm out of my mind. I tried to start Beth's prom gown ages ago, and got bogged down. Now I need to get it done this week.

This is it so far:

Yes, really nice, huh? Pretty fabric? Ok, it was $1 yard stuff, for draping.

fabric 1fabric1
This is the real stuff. Much better. The blue is tealer thanit looks, of course. It's silk. And slippery! But it's pretty.

Oh, yeah, that too....this pattern. I'm making this dress:
Yeah. Ginger Roger's over the top dress from Swingtime.

Did I say I don't have a pattern? I'm draping it on her. Part of it is perfect. Part is NOT ready, yet....but it's gonna SWIRL!

Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's Try Again!

Abe keeps saying I should set up a blog, and I've tried a few times, and it keeps not working or being too frustrating....but I've gotten a decent book on HTML (written by someone who cares about good the book!), and have a fast web connection (this just won't work with a dialup!), and we shall now try again.

Let us start with Beth's shawl:
It's Fiddlesticks' Peacock Feathers Shawl. Green wool/silk laceweight from Jocelyn.

Front Shawl
Side ShawlBack Shawlclose up peak Shawlclose up middle Shawl

She has worn it once, so far, to a wedding. I'm pleased with how it came out, and I haven't found any mistakes in it, yet!

I'm clearly going to have to do more reading on hacking this code, since there are clearly a few nuances to it that I'm totally missing!