Saturday, May 31, 2008

The quilt was well recieved by Mr. D, the band director. I quilted it with a pattern of "MrD" all over it, but it wouldn't show up in the photos.


The Pops Concert was fun....but it was Beth's last concert in high school! We'll hear "That Song" over and over again next weekend at graduation, but _she_ won't be playing!

Let's hear it: My Reindeer is purple, your reindeer is green are the proper words. None of this flying upside down reindeer. Everyone knows that reindeer don't fly upside down!!!!

I've decided that it's time that the girls stop this teen nonsense (it's been fun, but enough is enough) and go back to being their REAL ages....7 and 9. _My_ little girls are in elementary school...that is normal. This high school (and graduation? no, more nonsense) stuff is crazy. Normal for my family is elementary. Let's go back to normal, please.

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