Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's Try Again!

Abe keeps saying I should set up a blog, and I've tried a few times, and it keeps not working or being too frustrating....but I've gotten a decent book on HTML (written by someone who cares about good the book!), and have a fast web connection (this just won't work with a dialup!), and we shall now try again.

Let us start with Beth's shawl:
It's Fiddlesticks' Peacock Feathers Shawl. Green wool/silk laceweight from Jocelyn.

Front Shawl
Side ShawlBack Shawlclose up peak Shawlclose up middle Shawl

She has worn it once, so far, to a wedding. I'm pleased with how it came out, and I haven't found any mistakes in it, yet!

I'm clearly going to have to do more reading on hacking this code, since there are clearly a few nuances to it that I'm totally missing!


Abraham Fisher said...

This is a comment, just to prove they exist.

Grandma Nancy said...

I love the teal color. Good luck, slippery fabric is not fun to sew.