Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beaks and Gowns

Typical morning getting the kids ready for an 18th C gig:

Harry! If you want to eat that cookie, sit at the kitchen table....NO making beaks out of fortune cookies!

Did you know that if you put the fortune cookie in your mouth, points sticking out, and wave your arms, that you were then a bird? Me neither....

Ok, Here are the last versions of The Gown. I think I need to cut in the underarm a tad, that looks like I need to in the photos, although it didn’t in person. I’m going to adjust the gathers slightly differently, and angle the shoulder straps a little (they are pinned). Other than that, the last paper pattern I made is what I used in this I’m good to go!

last night

With Sharon's advice, I changed the pattern, and FINALLY we can see that this one (with some tweaking) will work!!!!!


These are her shoes...favorite pink shoes form the Junior Prom...she loves them and is wearing them again.

LAST gown

She likes the gown pattern (but not this fabric). She's too tired to look happy.

Next up.....TEAL fabric!!!!! I get to do the real thing, finally!

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