Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have photos!

This one is GONE!
She is off being a political intern for the fall semester. We miss her, it's weird having a kid grow up!

We went to Battle Ship Cove for a reenactment.

Teddy is the happiest boy in the world.


Don't worry, he's just drilling, it's a non-firing piece. He did well at his first drill, and all were happy with him. He was VERY tired!

Wendy got a new hat.


And Harry did some virtual Fencing while watching Teddy's lesson


experimenting to see why this photo isn't showing up for some people, so it's there twice, now...

And I'm well into Alex's Tallit, and it seems to be going ok.


But what I want to be doing is knitting, of course...I have some lovely silk to make a dragon with (for me!) and I have my lace with nupps and my earth stripe wrap....all on hold at the moment. And when I finish this Tallit, I'll be working on French Sleeved waistcoats, whose name I forget at the moment. It's not Gilet, which is the sleeveless waistcoat.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I got my friend Sharon to make my daughters and me bracelets. Pictured here on my mohair Snowdrop Shawl, pattern by the Yarn Harlot


I'm pink, Beth is green and Wendy is purple.


I asked Sharon to design them, I just requested the colors, she found the great Mogen David clasps and all the silver spacers. (next photo background is the Earth Stripe Wrap, by Kaffe Fasset).


Eventually, I asked for each bracelet to have a bead from the others. At first she wasn't too sure about that (and I wasn't, either, really), but Sharon came up with the really neat way to manage that. I wasn't sure it would work, artistically, but Sharon took it and ran with it, and we love them!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ravelympics Projects!

A Monmouth Cap


This one is a large, fits my DH, who has a head size of about a 7 7/8 or 8....yeah, hats normally stop at size 7 3/4. I SAID it was large!

It's been felted, and is drying. No one here was too happy with me, as I made them all try on the wet cap out of the washer (and I have a front can felt in and stop a front loader....just push in the knob and wait for the light to go out, and open the door. Easy).

Here is the loop.

Here is my first FO for the Ravelympics.


Angora wool mittens for my DD to take to college. She won't get frostbite in the Frozen Tundra of Waltham. I mean, it's a hilly campus, and she'll be rushing from building to building, I remember college, and there will be miserable days, when she'll NEED them. And they are soft and fuzzy and wonderful. She may make fun of me now, but she'll love them come February!

Aren't the little medals cute?

I'm well into the second cap, I think it'll be a medium. Oh, and they take less than a ball of yarn. But I'm getting bored with it.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm doing the Ravelry Olympics, and I'm testing to see if the countdown timer works.

Clearly, it does!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We did the VINEYARD!

Harry and I did it! We loaded up our bikes, got dropped off at Wood's Hole, and took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard. After the obligatory stop at the Carousel (I got the brass ring our first ride, so I was done and happy, and Harry took my free ride)


We got a snack and headed for Edgartown.

When a another group of tourists wanted me to take their picture, they returned the favor.




In Edgartown we checked out the harbor....we've seen SO many of these red jellyfish this year! Are they the same kind they have at Prince Edward Island? They don't look like the really colorful and nasty man-o-war's I remember as a kid. This one had a clear bell around the red body (if you call that a body), and it was pumping it in and out to move very effectively.

For lunch, Harry's choice was the rooftop of a fish restaurant. We rode back, taking the wrong road, naturally. Harry wasn't too happy about that, but it only added about 1 mile, and it was in shade, rather than the blaring sun....the day was HOT!

Oak Bluffs is really pretty, and it is amazing how great being independent on bikes feels!


Harry did great, and I was really proud of both of us...14 miles! I know lots of people do way more than that, but we're just starting, and it was the right amount of challenge for us!