Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have photos!

This one is GONE!
She is off being a political intern for the fall semester. We miss her, it's weird having a kid grow up!

We went to Battle Ship Cove for a reenactment.

Teddy is the happiest boy in the world.


Don't worry, he's just drilling, it's a non-firing piece. He did well at his first drill, and all were happy with him. He was VERY tired!

Wendy got a new hat.


And Harry did some virtual Fencing while watching Teddy's lesson


experimenting to see why this photo isn't showing up for some people, so it's there twice, now...

And I'm well into Alex's Tallit, and it seems to be going ok.


But what I want to be doing is knitting, of course...I have some lovely silk to make a dragon with (for me!) and I have my lace with nupps and my earth stripe wrap....all on hold at the moment. And when I finish this Tallit, I'll be working on French Sleeved waistcoats, whose name I forget at the moment. It's not Gilet, which is the sleeveless waistcoat.

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