Monday, September 1, 2008

The Tallit Grows!

I've been stitching and stitching on the Tallit. I had a disaster with the base fabric....there was a weaving error in the middle of the fabric, making the texture different (not smooth), sort of like seersucker! Washing and pressing and adding sizing did nothing. I have some other fabric, which will be _fine_ but is a different color, and not already half hemmed (which is when I discovered the problem). But I have to get over that and deal.

The stars are coming out fine...well, I have to fix a tiny two thread snip in the underneath fabric, and then finish up one point, and the stars will be done! Turns out I should'a basted the lining down the middle before I did the applique. So now I have to kluge the edge all around. I think I'll unstitch the wool lining and redo the sides...but we'll see tomorrow. It's too late to make a decision. But that is a detail.


This one is the closest in color. It's all silk and shimmers.


I started the applique at the Wholesome Trottin' Race we went to yesterday (not the kind where they set down right on the horse) was really windy, and I only got 3 done. Today at the Marlboro parade I got a bunch done, and got even more done at the Unit Party afterwards....I think Wendy go some photos of the pirate ship in the pool, being manned by Teddy and Harry, and attacked by Dana and Brian and Adam (I think)...They had a did the kids.

I meant to watch just one episode of Gilmore Girls, but Wendy insisted we had to see another...and it looks to me like Lorelei will marry Luke at the end, but Wendy won't tell me...there are only a couple of episodes left, and she wanted me to stay up late and watch, but Abe has to work (HUZZAH!) tomorrow and I have to drive him, he has a sprained ankle!!!!

I hope to get the tallit cut out tomorrow morning, before Teddy goes to school, so I can hem it during the PA meeting. Then finish that one star, get the neckpiece on, and then just something for the corners, and Tzit Tzit!

Unless something else goes wrong....

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