Saturday, September 13, 2008

Frogging a section down

I have been thinking that simple counting on the wrong side rows wasn't going to be enough for me to be sure that my Mystery Stole 4, from Pink Lemon Twist was going to be enough for me to not have massive mistakes. I was right. About 2 pattern rows before the end of Clue 1, I looked more carefully and noticed a honking big hole in the bottom of the left diamond.
clue 1 mistake

See it here?
clue 1 pointer

That won't do. Not at all. No way am I gonna frog has the right number of stitches in the section, so there won't be an issue with too much or too little yarn, so I'll just drop it down to fix it.

But first, I got out my supplies!
clue 1  supplies

Then I picked up the stitches just below the mistake by inserting a skinny dpn into the right leg of each stitch. I followed those stitches up their columns to the needles, and dropped the stitches off and let them ravel down. They won't go past my dpn, of course.
clue 1  pick up sts

What a mess, huh?

clue 1  frogged down

Well, it's not hard to make it look more manageable, just a simple pin does that.
clue 1  frogged organized

This is what a yarn over on the right looks like, when it's all lined up correctly.
clue 1 set yo

If this is confusing, I recommend dropping down a few more stitches, so that there won't _be_ any lingering yarn overs...make sure that the edge-most stitch and the one next to are not yarn overs, or at least not yarn overs that get decreased over to the side that isn't raveled!

This is what it looks like WRONG!!!

clue 1  end yo

That yo is lost due to a chain of lost YOs from above. To fix it, I had to go to the top, and find the highest one, wrap it correctly, then go down a row, wrap it, etc, down to the bottom. As you see above, it worked.

Then I knit the row correctly.

clue 1 knitting up

I got confused and had to undo a bit, when I did two pattern rows in a row, forgetting the plain knit row in between...when fixing something from the right side, I just knit across the rows I'd purled, of course!

And it worked nicely!

clue 1  all fixed


BeanMama said...

My mind is blown. I would not dare to do this without someone like you to hold my hand. Eek!!

lalheg said...

Hyperventilating just at the pics.

I made a mistake on my FLS and merrily dropped stitches to get to it when I was very new to knitting lace. I died inside when I saw what that did but eventually fixed it by photoing every stitch as it unravelled, then reversing the process to pick it all back up. It worked a treat but gave me a lot of heartache

Colleen said...

I bet you are a better knitter, now...I learned *a lot* from doing this!!!!