Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Grief!

I am making a little dragon for myself. He needs taming, but we are getting there!

His name is Good Grief.

At this point, he's just bones... and he is NOT tamed...all those little wires are quite sharp, and my hands have many bite marks from them to prove it!
dragon bones

I have wrapped him in layers of quilt batting. This helps a lot...but is it his muscle or subcutaneous something or other? I guess it must be his muscle, because there still remains another layer before the skin.

dragon batting

And his close up:
dragon close

Now he has his When you give guinea pigs fluids, it's called giving them subcutaneous fluids. But is that a noun, or what? At any rate, he has it here.

dragon wrapped

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Abraham Fisher said...

"subcutaneous" is an adjective, meaning that it has to do with the layer of skin below the dermis (not to be confused with your epidermis, which is, of course, showing).