Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can You Say Endorphins? (yes, knitting related content!)

I got my new tattoo last night. I've been planning it for a while. I drew up a sketch of a ball of yarn and needles, and futzed and played with it. When I went to the tattoo shop, they decided I had to talk to the custom guy (Al), because I wanted it more realistic and colored fancy. He was busy, so we made an appointment. When I showed up a week later, he had a nicer ball of yarn, and he made it littler (although it still feels huge, and it's smaller than I had planned! Good thing he thought it should be smaller than I asked for!), and changed the needles, and we flipped it over a bit...I was planning on the needles being vertical, he was planning on horizontal, so we split the difference...another good choice!

It's neat how he transferred it to my leg, like a Cracker Jack tattoo! Then he set to it...with that buzzy pen. It didn't hurt as much as my old tattoos did, but it hurt plenty! There were a bunch of long lines, and those are the worst, I think. The coloring wasn't too bad, it was just slow. But the whole thing took just under 30 minutes. I'm clearly a wimp when it comes to tattoos...others get ones that take hours!

After I left I could feel those pain induced endorphins...I felt wonderful! My leg was only sore to touch, really, but the hormones were still zipping around, it's very weird.

So, here is Al. I think he's now convinced that knitters are lunatics...or maybe just me.


And isn't my new tattoo pretty?


The color is somewhat pinker in person. The needles are just about as long as my index finger.