Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All the tallitot

Having been asked, again, to see the tallitot I've made here they are, in one place.

 Val's Tallit Val's tallit This link I also has the tzitzit tutorial

 The silk ribbon tallit I made for the synagogue auction

Silk ribbon synagogue auction Tallit
Flower close up album

 Jamie's knitted tallit
The corners are decorated, but they don't show, here

His name in Hebrew, knitted, intarsia

Alex, my sons BFF's tallit.

These stars really were pains...

 Teddy's paper piece silk Tallit The right half, day and night, heavens and earth, earth and seas The left half, stars in the sky, sea monster (and other water creatures), animals (and people ) and Shabbat He used to be so cute, then!

 Harry's is probably the simplest, with stylized antlers embroidered...but his is BRIGHT! I'm also painting him...

 Eve's dolphins There is subtle wave embroidery in the corners.

 Bobbin lace Tallit

 Here are my 3 oldest kids, including the girls in their silk ribbon (which I don't have a photo of) and more of the bobbin lace Tallit.

 And, as long as I'm at it, here is my Torah Cover Embroidery
It also shows the numbers on the wood, that are mostly gone, now.