Monday, August 11, 2008

Ravelympics Projects!

A Monmouth Cap


This one is a large, fits my DH, who has a head size of about a 7 7/8 or 8....yeah, hats normally stop at size 7 3/4. I SAID it was large!

It's been felted, and is drying. No one here was too happy with me, as I made them all try on the wet cap out of the washer (and I have a front can felt in and stop a front loader....just push in the knob and wait for the light to go out, and open the door. Easy).

Here is the loop.

Here is my first FO for the Ravelympics.


Angora wool mittens for my DD to take to college. She won't get frostbite in the Frozen Tundra of Waltham. I mean, it's a hilly campus, and she'll be rushing from building to building, I remember college, and there will be miserable days, when she'll NEED them. And they are soft and fuzzy and wonderful. She may make fun of me now, but she'll love them come February!

Aren't the little medals cute?

I'm well into the second cap, I think it'll be a medium. Oh, and they take less than a ball of yarn. But I'm getting bored with it.

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