Monday, August 4, 2008

We did the VINEYARD!

Harry and I did it! We loaded up our bikes, got dropped off at Wood's Hole, and took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard. After the obligatory stop at the Carousel (I got the brass ring our first ride, so I was done and happy, and Harry took my free ride)


We got a snack and headed for Edgartown.

When a another group of tourists wanted me to take their picture, they returned the favor.




In Edgartown we checked out the harbor....we've seen SO many of these red jellyfish this year! Are they the same kind they have at Prince Edward Island? They don't look like the really colorful and nasty man-o-war's I remember as a kid. This one had a clear bell around the red body (if you call that a body), and it was pumping it in and out to move very effectively.

For lunch, Harry's choice was the rooftop of a fish restaurant. We rode back, taking the wrong road, naturally. Harry wasn't too happy about that, but it only added about 1 mile, and it was in shade, rather than the blaring sun....the day was HOT!

Oak Bluffs is really pretty, and it is amazing how great being independent on bikes feels!


Harry did great, and I was really proud of both of us...14 miles! I know lots of people do way more than that, but we're just starting, and it was the right amount of challenge for us!

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AmericanKnitter said...

You have a Townie!

I have a blue one.

Don't you LOVE that bike?

It's the best one I have ever ridden!