Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What was I THINKING?

I'm out of my mind. I tried to start Beth's prom gown ages ago, and got bogged down. Now I need to get it done this week.

This is it so far:

Yes, really nice, huh? Pretty fabric? Ok, it was $1 yard stuff, for draping.

fabric 1fabric1
This is the real stuff. Much better. The blue is tealer thanit looks, of course. It's silk. And slippery! But it's pretty.

Oh, yeah, that too....this gown....no pattern. I'm making this dress:
Yeah. Ginger Roger's over the top dress from Swingtime.

Did I say I don't have a pattern? I'm draping it on her. Part of it is perfect. Part is NOT ready, yet....but it's gonna SWIRL!

Wish me luck.

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