Friday, May 30, 2008


The teacher quilt is layered!

I usually HATE layering quilts....I have two upstairs all done....wait....I think here is a third, but it might need a border...but I hate layering them, so they wait...but as I was starting, Abe came in, and asked if I could use his help. Turns out that the answer is yes, and that it means doing a thorough, pretty easy 20 minute job of what used to take me an hour or more, hurt my back, and cause much frustration and swearing!

We laid out the top on the table, smoothed the batting, fussed to get it right, peeled, sprayed the sticky stuff, smoothed it out, shifted, finished it all...then did the backing, and it's done! Piece of cake. He's hired.

This quilt was a whim, because I saw the music fabric, and got a bunch of fat quarters to go with it, with no plan in mind, except to give it to Mr. D. Now I need to decide on the thread, and I can start quilting. It needs to be done tonight.

close quilt

As long as I was taking pictures, here is the dishcloth I started at the chorus concert last night. Yes, mistakes. I don't care, it IS just a dishrag, and I refuse to tink back more than one row for a dishrag.


My niece's sweater is swimming along. She's gonna love's SOOOOO soft.

close sleeve

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