Monday, May 26, 2008


I am avoiding cutting out the fabric for the REAL bodice of Beth's gown.

Yesterday I went to the second day of the Immersion Farming Weekend at Hartwell Tavern. It was a fairly low key day for me. I started working on some tiny mittens, that I'm just making from a generic, in my head, mitten pattern.

I think that the needles are 4-0, steel needles. The yarn is Icelandic lace weight from SchoolHouse Press, left over from my nephew's tallit. I was going to work on Sue's mitts, but the yarn had disappeared....turned out it was in the zippered blanket bag that has the stuff I got from the NH Sheep and Wool festival in it. In plain sight on the couch. SIGH. Found it as soon as I got home and sat down. But that is ok...these mittens are good take along knitting, and fairly quick so I can _finish_ something. If 12.5 sts per inch is something one can consider quick and easy!

close up mitten

Lunch, made by Carrie, was WONDERFUL. She made a green pea soup (fresh, not split) with a variety of green things in it, and described boiling the peas until they were dead, and straining it, and that part looking gross, but made a wonderful stock for the rest of the veggies. And it was fine for my diet!



Ok...I guess I have to go sew, now.....

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