Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging at Town Meeting

I'm at Town Meeting, paying enough attention to know what the article is about, and how it works, but keeping my distance enough so that the contention of this article doesn't bother me! TM is at our high school, with school-wide WiFi. I had some difficulty getting on, but finally got network diagnostics to tell me that I had a bad network account being used, so I told it to set up a new one, and that worked. (the questions are getting to the place where I'm really glad I have this to distract myself!).

Now, as for the atarah, it's off!


All of a sudden it looks much better, doesn't it? That is always reassuring. I always worry that when something comes off the frame, that it will shrivel up and look like crap. It didn't!

I was also worried that there would be a crookedness problem, because I did this in my preferred "folk style" method, rather than the modern overly drawn, "perfect" stitching version, which I hate working. My method is more fun, but there is a bit of a sense of living dangerously!

I had to do a bit of tweaking, but it worked.

It's pretty straight! I wish I could take a photo of the whole thing!


I love how the colors just glow on the blue background.


This works! I love not seeing the raw edges...

I basted the edges under and now, it's all wet. I used a washable chalk pencil to mark the flower spots and the stem shapes. There are a few white areas here and there. So I gave the atarah a good soaking, and it's hanging to dry in my sewing room. It'll need steaming after that to puff up the petals, which got somewhat crushed while wound on the the frame.

Tonight, I have a large piece of white silk to hem, then I get to knit!

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