Monday, April 26, 2010

Atarah embroidery is DONE!

At Town Meeting tonight, I finished the embroidery!
I have something of a reputation...people alwasy come over to see what I'm working on, at TM. I've never brought a frame quite this big before. One year I fit my DD with an en fourreau 18th C gown, I've knitted, done bobbin lace (smaller stand for that), sewed, made buttons, but never lugged something quite so large! Yes, this photo really is at Town Meeting, from tonight! It's in the Caf, at CCHS. The main moderator is in the Auditorium, but that room has uncomfortable seats, too formal, and bad light. So I sit in the Caf which is slightly less formal, people can bring an infant, or a quiet school aged kid, and it's lighter, and you can eat. So I sit there, spread out whatever project I've got, and get lots of work done! Lots of people bring laptops, now that the school has wifi.

But the really great thing tonight (other than the embroidery, which follows), is that my daughter, Wendy was there. She's 18, so this was her first real TM. She went a lot last year, and helped out, running errand for her dad (who is the Head Teller) and anyone else involved in running TM who needed something. This year, since Abe needed more tellers, Wendy got drafted. That means that the first thing she actually did at her very first TM was stand to get sworn in to count votes impartially! I saw her on the monitor as we got sworn (I'm a teller, too, and she sat in the auditorium), and was no end pleased.

Just at the end of the last article, I was redoing that too larger flower. I had to finish it off at home, but I had finished the last hex, unrolled it all, and then remounted it to fix the too-large flower in the second hex. Everyone around me was was stuff that was clearly big cuts, was going to pass, but we had to sit through the presentations. Sometimes it's just the process that counts, that knowing we had to do it this way, makes the schools do a careful job with their presentations...doing it is important, but it's still boring! So people watched me paly with my pretty flowers.


It looks ok, here, (bad iPhone photo...too fuzzy), but really, it's bigger than the others.

See? It's the second hex from the left, upper left. Ick.

So...this is what happens to icky flowers:

Take that!

Now that I've redone it, twice, it looks fine. Photos tomorrow. Way too late to touch anything that I can screw up, right now!

At TM tomorrow, I imagine I'll be hemming and appliqueing, unless I get that done during the day, in which case I might be embroidering the little blossoms on the corner squares. Then appliqueing the squares down...the end is in sight!

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