Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ribbing Woes

I'm using Manos Del Uruguay. It's a silk/wool blend. Singles....LOVELY yummy scrunchy crunchy silky yarn.

This is what I want:

But this is what I have got:

What is the difference? Well the pattern yarn is Posh, a cashmere silk mix. Notice the lack of wool. Cashmere and silk ribbing is pretty flat, with very little sproing to just doesn't draw up. If you are making a sweater out of that, that lack of drawing up may make you nuts! So the pattern has these really wide ribbed bands, that don't draw up, mostly for looks, not for holding in power (the pattern photos aren't online. sigh). If I want mine to match, I need my bands to not draw in. As you can see, they are drawing in a LOT. Lovely snug ribbing....just not what I want this time. So in order to get rid of the drawing in I'm trying using a huge needle. It is working, but the stitches are, of course, huge!


Of course, it looks like I'll have to just knit a few inches, and then see. What a nuisance. Relaxed this one is about 16 inches, while the last was only 9. So we are getting there, except for the stitch size/neatness. I'll probably have to compromise with one size smaller needle and some blocking, but I'd rather not depend on the blocking for this one, so I'm willing to risk another 4 inches of frogging...but at least the larger stitches mean fewer rows!

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