Monday, November 2, 2009

I gotta crow

I'm feeling quite clever.

I just finished my Icelandic Neck Shawl, done as a full size shawl, from the Schoolhouse Press Shawlalong. It's blocking, and still wet....that unspun Icelandic yarn holds a lot of water!

The shawl was pretty easy, except I didn't measure, and decided I wanted it bigger after I finished the base triangle, but before I added the border, so I added a bunch of borders, first, then the pattern's border.

The pattern border is ruffled....this is where the cleverness comes in...see how I blocked it!



I figured, since the ruffle is 3-D, and I can't fit it all next to itself, down on the table, I might as well make it 3-D! I had already laced some crochet cotton through all the loops along the edges, so stringing some blocking wires through the bases/indents of the scallops was easy.

It is taking forever to dry, though!


Anonymous said...

Smart thinking. From what I can see of it, a gorgeous shawl too.

Juliet said...

I knew that! You are clever, indeed. And thanks for posting, that'll inspire even more cleverness!

Megan! said...

Very pretty. That's a really inventive technique too; thanks for sharing!