Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's a good week.

Yesterday my husband finished his MAT (Masters of Teaching). He was in at small program, and they had a funky graduation, where each student presented their research projects, and the heads of the various departments told something about each student as they got their diplomas. Naturally, they said that Abe was a reenactor. I do believe that that will make him a better history teacher!

Today we are in my favorite place in the entire world, on the water, on the Cape. Although my daughters have been stick in the muds (or stuck in the houses, reading), my sons were game for everything except water. So we went for two bike rides, totally 5 miles. One in the morning, one after lunch. I don't want to do too much, too quickly, or I'll have to stop!

I LOVE my new bike!


But getting the kids going is like herding cats. We had a pleasant ride, and had to adjust seats afterwards. But the bike computers are all adjusted and working, and keeping track of our miles is lots of fun!

Now for Knitting....


This is Kaffe Fasset's Earth Stripe Wrap, from the Rowan magazine, number 42. I LOVE it. Kid Silk Haze. I got 12 colors, not quite the ones in the patterns, and I used a couple of pastels in place of neutrals, and I'm adding in some pink/purples in addition to all the pink/golds, to unmuddy it just a little. I can't wait to finish, the colors are wonderful, and the yarn feels even better!!!!!

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