Monday, January 14, 2013

Organizing my life

I am inventorying my stash, fabric and yarn.  It is all getting stored in labeled bins, more or less by type, and I am writing down each item that goes into a bin.   Since the notepad in question was 1) getting trashed, 2) constantly disappearing, as I kept using it in different places, and 3) not searchable, I typed it all into a spreadsheet.

You would think this was straightforward.   Nope.  Spreadsheets hate me.   Way back when, I could work spreadsheets and bend them to my will just fine.   Not any more.   But, I have a Champion!   He came to my rescue, and beat that spreadsheet into submission.

The final score was:
Numbers:                           1
Colleen:                            .5
Abe (aka Champion):        3

I got .5 for figuring out (by accident...lucky shot!) that dragging a static filled field bigger meant you didn't have to paste the label in them all of them, it just happened.

Now, my yarn spreadsheet is labeled by weight/type of yarn, box letter, number of skeins, and name of yarn.  I may go back and add in ball weight and yardages.

I need to fix the fabric spread sheet to reflect the box name and fabric content more elegantly, but the info is all there.

Now, I can search, I can even sort by weight.   If I go back and break it out, I could sort by fiber, but I can search by it, already.

Now....I just need to remember to delete the yarn from the spreadsheet when I take it out of the box!


icicle said...

Good for you!
I know when I put all my stash into Ravelry's searchable stash database, I actually started using what I had -- and finding it!

Nan said...

I don't suppose you'd like to organize my stash that way while you're here on vacation??? Didn't think so. LOL

Lynne in Florida said...

If you do go back in to add the other fields, you might want to consider adding color of yarn, and what it was eventually used to make. Says the woman who has been intending to do something similar for mumble mumble years...