Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Testing, 1, 2, 3

I'm trying to get my Monmouth Cap up and running on Ravelry. The pattern is there, and is a free down load, you can get it here, Monmouth Cap, The Details Matter, if you are a Ravelry member. That is easy. But it's trickier for those who *aren't* Rav members! There are buttons I can put in, to link to the download, but I haven't quite figured that out, yet....

Download for non-Members (but, really, if you knit, why not join Rav???).

Now, we shall see if the links all work!

Monmouth Cap, The Details Matter (you can see the specs on the Rav page here)
download the pattern now

Yes, the above link does work! Clicking it grabs my download, over on Ravelry, and will download the pdf right now. Not exactly elegant, but effective. I've signed up for the beta-test feature that lets non-Ravelry members see your designs, but haven't gotten it, yet, so in the meantime, this is it.


Nancy said...

Congratulations on getting your Monmouth Cap pattern on Ravelry!

Jenny Axelrod, GISP said...

This is very cool. I wish there were a video where you show how to do the bit from where you pick up the backwards cast on stitches!

Thanks for sharing it!