Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids make it all real!

NOTHING looks more real when reenacting that a properly dressed child! Usually kids' clothes get skimped on, but that is a mistake. Kids are camera bait, and if someone's photo is going to wind up splashed across a paper, it's a child's, so it's worth doing them properly.


I never did finish posting the little outfit I made Anna. I'm totally happy with how it came out. The only things that aren't just right are on purpose...it's a tad loose, because I want it to fit next summer!

I just love this photo!!!!



Construction details can be seen here...the gown has a string to fasten its skirt, and those go through the lacing holes, so that they stay up! There is a placket to cover the lacing holes, and it really does make a neat effect.

I don't have a photo of her in her cloak and black bonnet...I need to get those, the whole thing is just so sweet! Anna still needs another petticoat and stays, but these will do for right now, breeches are next on my list!


Kathleen C. said...

She looks wonderful! I see her as if she were one of those primitive portrait paintings.
Great job!

icicle said...

'Kids are camera bait' -- I have a daughter (4 years old) that looks to be around same age and oh that is so true! She's getting a bit vain about it too.

That is such a lovely color green. Did you draft these clothes yourself or is there a pattern available?

(PS Found you through the Historic Knitting forum on Rav. I always appreciate your common sense approach, knowledge, humor and open mindedness there.)

Colleen said...

There aren't many patterns for historical clothing that actually really work, mostly because the original historical clothing wasn't really made from patterns! I used the Mill Farm Girls' Gown pattern, but I changed it a bunch, to make it more like the original gown I was trying to copy.

For the cap, I use the little girl's cap from Kannick's corner, and, again, changed it, quite a lot, to make the cap look like the one in the painting I was copying.