Tuesday, November 9, 2010

End of the season

We had a great time at Hartwell, doing a foodways presentation of preparing and preserving food for the winter.


I got to hold Ginger the Chicken. She's a Buff Orpington, just like that silly lady kept in Busman's Honeymoon.


Sabra orchestrated a fabulous lunch...and as Sue said, we eat best in the Fall, because it's harvest!



We used the market stalls that Ken built...they are just so terrific, and they look so much like the drawings! I love having realistic tools and furniture.


Ginger had quite the fan club.

Rick built the cart kit that the park bought. We all used it to shlep our gear out. It worked great. Harry was able to pull it up all by himself. You have to balance it carefully, and tend it while loading and unloading, or else it tips over...not hard to keep it from tipping, but you do have to watch it!

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The Mother said...

I love recreations! But I want to pick an era where women's clothes were more glamorous. VIctorian England, maybe (but I definitely, decidedly do NOT want to live there).