Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colonial Tinies

I'm making a set of colonial clothing for a little girl. She's tiny, so are her clothes. I have her first cap almost done, just going to add some more ruffles.

I'm attempting to copy, more or less (in a coarser fabric) the cap on the Ludwig's Blue Sash Girl.


We were at a party, so I tried it on. I need to pull the strings in back a bit tighter, she is clearly at the small end of this cap, but the baby size would certainly be too small. So, since I rather doubt Anna will shrink, it's perfect!

Here are her shift sleeves, languishing in my bag (caps are more fun):

But the apron is completely done.

These clothes are fun! I'm making them to free up our friend Steven, who would otherwise have to make her new clothes, so that he can help my son Teddy, who's turning 16, put this together:


It's a big project, the wood is only roughly shaped, and the is a bunch of metal work still to do...

Teddy is about the happiest boy in the world, right now!


Kathleen C. said...

So cute, the little colonial child!
But... Oh no! What's that bandage/splint thing on your boy's hand/finger though!?!

Colleen said...

Come back in a few weeks...wait til you see the rest of what I'm making Anna! The apron is done, the shift is next, then a green gown....so sweet you'll get cavities.

Teddy cut his finger (he's a lefty, and he cut the right pinky) and has had surgery to repair the tendon, twice, the first one ruptured immediately. This one is holding. That splint is the *smaller* one he just graduated into! He's got another 2 weeks of it...then we will see. It's healing well, though. He can move the finger, a little. He's doing the prescribed exercises to get mobility back, slooooooowly.