Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new tallit

I'm working on a tallit for a girl in my Synagogue, whose Bat Mitzvah is approaching. Her dad bought my tallit making services at our fundraising auction...so now it's time.

It's going to be silk ribbon flowers, on a blue silk noile atarah. I'll make the corner reinforcements blue noile, as well. There be a single flower on each corner.


This is the design, from Inspirations Magazine that suggested the design and the flowers to use (well, I'll change them some)

But I don't like the grid...while I played around with my cutouts, I realized that a hex set up, 6 across, worked great! These flowers need to be upright, not scattered, as is my usual pattern...but clusters work!


Here is half of the basic pattern, you can see it inside the drawn lines for the atarah, about 4.5 inches high, 36 inches long.


These are the hexes of flowers. I'm using greens for the stems, not gold, since I'm not doing the grid, and I'll change the colors of the flowers themselves....a lot!

This photo is a bit dark...the blue is slightly lighter, and the corals are a bit lighter and pinker as well. Well, at least that is so on my screen!

I'll transfer the pattern tomorrow! This is going to be fun...I love the colors!


Kathleen C. said...

How pretty! Can't wait to see it develop!

Rupinder said...

The Silk Tallit is a beautiful silk material with the Psalms imbedded throughout. It only comes in a light blue on white color.

wool tallit