Friday, June 17, 2022

Random Photos of Some of my Judaica 

Covid quick and dirty matzah covers

Stars in the Sky, for Abraham’s tallit, hand dyed silk gauze, beads, embroidery in progress

Tallit for niece, parsha, Bamidbar embroidered 

The 4 Mamas

Creation, paper pieced

“I want the blessing hands, like a hug”. Matching mini tzitzitless tallit for bear, with paws, instead of hands 

Nephew’s name, intarsia

Bamidbar, Rashi said the tachash might be a unicorn, embroidered 

Sea monsters and cats! Days 4-7

More blessing hands

Creation paper pieced

Afikommen bag

More colors of the gauze

More Bamidbar bar dolphins

Blessing hands

Knitted lace Chuppah

Silk ribbon embroidery 

Stars in the sky in progress

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